spraypaintSo, I feel kinda dumb even writing this post. I’m imagining you on the other end of cyberspace, reading this and shaking your head in disillusionment that I actually spent time writing a blog post about spray paint. Well, I have had so many people come into my home and express surprise that I use spray paint so much in my decorating, that I felt it was worth writing this post for other moms who may be in the same place as me. See, I really like having a beautiful home. By beautiful, I don’t mean that my home could be in a Pottery Barn magazine or on an episode of Fixer Upper (though I really love both those styles). Rather, beautiful to me means that my home is a place I like to be. It is clean, cozy, and feels like a warm hug on a cold day. There are pockets of interest and things to look at that make me smile. Though I have this desire, I am by no means able to go on a shopping spree and redo my entire home to make it look like all those pictures I pin on Pinterest or like on Instagram. When we moved into our new home, I had a vision for what I wanted it to look like. I like white furniture, simple colors, and a cozy feel. How could I achieve this look without breaking the bank?

This is where the magical power of spray paint comes in….IMG_6476

We bought this oak table 10 years ago. I didn’t want to move it into our new house as it was. I knew I was going to give it away before we moved, so I decided I had nothing to lose by trying to paint it first. The table is painted with a mixture of grey chalk paint and dark walnut wood stain. The chairs… WHITE SPRAY PAINT!  We have been eating on them every day for a year, and they still look great! After my painting experiment, I decided to keep the table and chairs. After that, I knew I had found something magical.


I moved on to this old dresser that had been in one of my kid’s rooms and then moved it into our living room…IMG_6471

I took our old kitchen table and spray painted it along with some rattan chairs for our front porch. I distressed them up and made some pillows out of old burlap sacks. Don’t you love how one of them is lying down in this picture? See, no Pinterest perfection over here:)


Then, the best transformation of all…taking Goodwill dishes and spray painting them for my white shelf in my dining room. On a side note, the shelf was about to be thrown away from an old school. I little grey chalk paint later… The moral is, don’t be afraid to look for discarded items.



What I used on these projects:

The chairs-

Rustoleum is my favorite spray paint. I used semi-gloss for the chairs. You will need one can per chair. Use light coats.

Coat them VERY well with polycryclic if you are planning on using them on a regular basis. We use ours every day. Five kids and 365 days later, they are still in great shape. My friend, Elizabeth, reminded me that you should NOT use polyurethane on white as it can stain it yellow.

The dresser and porch table-

Flat spray paintDistressed with3 cans for dresser, 5 cans for table and bench, 3 cans for rattan chairs. I did coat the porch table with polycrylic as it will be outside and we have red construction dust everywhere.


Use gloss for these as it will make the finish look more like real dishes. I used 2 cans for all those dishes in the picture.


  1. Wash down the item and dry thoroughly before painting
  2. Spray paint in an area that you don’t mind getting covered with spray paint dust. I do mine outside on the lawn and put cardboard under the legs to keep the grass from covering the bottom of the item.
  3. Use light coats.
  4. If you mess up or the spray paint bubbles, let dry and then sand down and start again.


What do you have in your home that could be transformed with a little white spray paint?


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